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Getting Seriously Silly at Angie's List

May 28, 2015     Business and Leadership
One of my favorite sayings at Angie’s List is, “Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.” To me, it means several things. First, that it’s important to stay focused on the work goal and not get lost in how something affects me, personally. Second, that staying relaxed and being open to having fun will usually make me more... Read More

A Healthy Pride in AL’s Wellness Awards

May 21, 2015     Business and Leadership
I never tire of touting the Angie’s List focus on promoting employee wellness. I’ve written about it before and probably will again. Today, I’m proud to share that Angie's List was recently recognized as one of only five “healthiest companies” in Indiana, and one of only 158 in the country. The designation comes from Interactive Health, the... Read More

Tech, Magazine Awards Acknowledge AL Innovation

May 21, 2015     Business and Leadership
As technology allows Angie’s List to further transform how consumers hire local services, others are taking notice. TechPoint Indiana recently named two members of our team to its inaugural Tech 25 list, which recognizes the achievements of non-C-level folks whose work drives important innovation. Becky Phillips, senior director of product... Read More

Accelerating Our Relationship with Racing in May

May 20, 2015     Assorted Topics
May is a wonderful month just about anywhere, but it’s absolutely amazing if – like me – you’re a Hoosier who loves racing. As a kid growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I thrilled to the thunder of loud engines as cars flung themselves around Baer Field Speedway. I even toyed with the idea of being a race car driver when I grew up. The big racing... Read More

Entry-Level Job? Bring Your Diploma and Your Patience

April 29, 2015     Business and Leadership
Update: The editors of LinkedIn recently published this essay, originally posted here in late April, as part of their LinkedIn Influencers series, which asks business and thought eaders to write on assigned topics. The subject for May 2015 was "If I Were 22." To new grads who may soon be wondering how their college years connect to the jobs they’... Read More

We're Ready for the Next 20!

April 30, 2015     Assorted Topics
The following is a column I wrote for the May edition of our member magazine, Angie's List Monthly: Angie’s List is 20 years old this month. In that relatively short span, we’ve changed how you and millions of others take care of your homes, health and more. And we’re far from done. Whether you’ve been a member since the 1990s, just joined or are... Read More

On the March with Consumer Advice

April 20, 2015     Consumer Empowerment
From its inception, Angie’s List has provided consumers with information to make smart and satisfying hiring decisions. Reviews are a core product, joined these days by our online marketplace. In addition, we provide a steady flow of consumer news, features and tips. This content appears on our website, with articles, videos, podcasts and more... Read More

On the Front Lines with Consumer Advice

March 06, 2015     Consumer Empowerment
One of the most rewarding parts of my job is sharing an amazing amount of consumer and service-pro insights. I’m the first to admit I’m not very handy, but with more than 3 million members telling us about their experiences and service pros offering up expert tips, my team and I are constantly learning new things. We’re always looking for ways to... Read More