Taking Pride in What You Do

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Taking Pride in What You Do

October 12, 2016


This spring my husband and I were lucky enough to work with a service pro who clearly took immense pride in his work. His work, and his attitude, stood out. So much so that I’ve shared this story with friends and colleagues, and decided to share more broadly with all of you.

We all have a story or stories of incredible customer service we’ve received, whether it’s in our homes, our offices, at a store, a restaurant or elsewhere. And we love to share those stories with others! It got me thinking about what’s behind those share-able experiences and I realized it’s pride. You can spot the difference immediately when someone takes pride in what they do.

Here’s my story. A few months back we needed repair work done on one of our bathroom showers. The choices: an expensive rebuilding of the whole shower or replacing just the damaged part. My husband and I chose the latter after fortunately finding our discontinued tile online. We accepted a bid, from a well-rated pro, and he went to work – tirelessly. He would not leave until the job was done, and done perfectly. The new tile and grout blends seamlessly with the old. You literally cannot tell the difference. It’s not a whole house remodel, but it mattered to us and it clearly mattered to him. His pride and his passion for his work shone through.

Angie’s List has many more stories like mine of service pros, who take pride in their work and treat your home project as if it were their own. That’s why Angie’s List was founded 21 years ago….to shine a light on great craftsmanship and match the highest-quality service pros with our millions of discerning members. Because their work is their craft and our craft is highlighting what they do. 

Whatever your craft – mechanic, dentist, electrician, accountant, etc. – learning what to do and honing how to do it can take a lifetime. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “They are practicing their craft.” So are you when you value what you do enough to seek challenges and opportunities to improve, sharpen, refine.

Set yourself apart. Think of your craft/career as both a journey and a destination. Dedicate yourself to doing your best, polishing your skills, leaving nothing undone…all along the way.

Taking care and showing pride in your work leads to enjoyment. Yes, of work. Which makes me wonder:  what comes first: loving what you do or doing what you love?  Better save that for another time.

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