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April 11, 2016


Angie’s List faces many of the same challenges that every company faces – competition in the marketplace; finding and retaining employees; and staying on top of the latest technology. As a home services company with a decidedly technological focus, these challenges take on an even greater significance. It’s the tech companies’ ability to create and refine technologies that helps them maintain their high-quality edge and empowers them to meet the needs of consumers, as well as attract and recruit talented coders, engineers and analysts to keep the circle going around.

Programs and events, like the annual Passport to Hi-Tech presented in Indianapolis by Conner Prairie and Women and Hi-Tech, bring technology to the forefront to encourage girls (and boys) to investigate engineering, coding and other technical careers. Angie's list is a leader in supporting women in technology and I would like to thank Robin Fleming, our senior vice president of technology and Shelly Towns our senior vice president of product for their mentorship and leadership in encouraging more women to pursue careers in technology. We were proud to participate in the 2016 event as a Technology Host.

At Passport to Hi-Tech, young would-be scientists, techies, engineers and mathematicians came prepared to learn firsthand how the various STEM disciplines interrelate to their lives, their community, and society and the environment as a whole. And our Product and Engineering team members were ready, armed with a poster explaining how web sites work, virtual reality gear and robotics.

Attendees also were encouraged to take home an “Engineering Your Future” fill-in-the blank activity sheet of STEM-related college studies and degrees. A second flyer featured the names, titles and photos of 10 techie female role models, complete with quotes about why they love their jobs transforming creative ideas, large and small, into time-saving, problem-solving, life-enhancing web and mobile app solutions that meet people’s needs.

I urge you to keep encouraging your own children and other young people in your sphere of influence, especially girls, to consider STEM courses. If you haven’t already, start the conversation with them about the power that science, technology, engineering and math have to improve our lives and change our world.