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6 ways to mismanage your online reputation

August 05, 2014    
Consumer reviews are pretty much a fact of life in modern business, but some companies take the wrong approach to managing their online reputations, actually hurting themselves in the long run. Business journalists frequently ask me about this topic and I’m only too happy to share what we at Angie’s List have learned over 19 years. I got the... Read More

Employees’ kids explore work world

July 25, 2014    
It’s not everyday that I lose a hula hoop contest at work. But it happened recently, and for a great cause: Bring Your Kids To Work Day.That’s the Angie’s List version of Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day, the 21-year-old global effort to encourage children to sample the world of grownup work. Our event attracted 150 kids in grades K-12,... Read More

Business advice for all seasons

December 05, 2013    
When the editors at LinkedIn invited me to offer holiday-season advice to small business owners, I was happy to participate with an essay based on my 18 years of experience with businesses of all sizes. Even though the LinkedIn commentary was promoted ahead of Small Business Saturday, I believe the tips apply at any time of year. Read it on... Read More

Green thumbs up for wellness efforts

November 04, 2013    
I was really happy to see Angie’s List included as one of the 46 healthiest companies in North America. It was such a surprise and extra fun because we didn’t even know this honor was headed our way. We got word from that we’d been chosen a few weeks ago and did supply them with some facts and photos. The picture they used was of our... Read More

Good examples of bad bosses ....

October 16, 2013    
How did I spend the first part of National Boss Day today? In New York, on the set of NBC’s “Today” show, taking questions from Al Roker, Willie Geist and viewers on how to deal with supervisors who would get F ratings if they were on Angie’s List. We believe in frugality at Angie’s List, but I must admit one viewer’s boss takes it way too far.... Read More