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Pictures Bring Member Reviews to Life

November 02, 2015    
I love it when Angie's List members include photos with reviews. Images bring to life the wonderful ways people use Angie’s List to transform their homes and property. Member-submitted photos not only flesh out a service-provider review, they are sometimes featured in articles we publish. With Thanksgiving and other holidays almost here, this is a... Read More

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

August 20, 2015    
Like many Hoosiers, I can hardly imagine summer without a trip to the Indiana State Fair to experience deep-fried delights, barnyard aromas and kids’ midway shrieks. And when I need a break from the sensory onslaught, I do what many of the fair’s almost 900,000 annual visitors do: Visit the Angie’s List Gardens. In the days leading up to the fair... Read More

Bidding Farewell to Our Very First Member

July 02, 2015    
If we’re lucky, we can point to someone who was willing to take a chance on us when it really counted. For me, and for Angie’s List, Patty Bowman was one of those pivotal people. We count her as one of our dearest and earliest supporters. In 1995, hers was the first door I knocked on when I started trying to recruit members to what would become... Read More

Accelerating Our Relationship with Racing in May

May 20, 2015    
May is a wonderful month just about anywhere, but it’s absolutely amazing if – like me – you’re a Hoosier who loves racing. As a kid growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I thrilled to the thunder of loud engines as cars flung themselves around Baer Field Speedway. I even toyed with the idea of being a race car driver when I grew up. The big racing... Read More

We're Ready for the Next 20!

April 30, 2015    
The following is a column I wrote for the May edition of our member magazine, Angie's List Monthly: Angie’s List is 20 years old this month. In that relatively short span, we’ve changed how you and millions of others take care of your homes, health and more. And we’re far from done. Whether you’ve been a member since the 1990s, just joined or are... Read More