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Angie Hicks is more than the name behind the nation’s most trusted source of local consumer service reviews. She’s a real person with a lot to say on many subjects, from what it takes to run an ever-growing business to why people should be savvier consumers of health care.

Angie's Commentary

Bidding Farewell to Our Very First Member

July 02, 2015     Assorted Topics
If we’re lucky, we can point to someone who was willing to take a chance on us when it really counted. For me, and for Angie’s List, Patty Bowman was one of those pivotal people. We count her as one of our dearest and earliest supporters. In 1995, hers was the first door I knocked on when I started trying to recruit members to what would become... Read More

Be a Homeowner in Good Standing

June 26, 2015     Consumer Empowerment
Crossing certain thresholds – such as graduating from school, embarking on a career, getting married or becoming a parent – can feel like joining a club: Now that you’re finally a member, you can appreciate what before you could only imagine. Buying a home is like that. Moving from renting to owning can be a heady experience. As with starting a... Read More

Sharing My "Aha Moment" through CNN Money

June 18, 2015     Business and Leadership
Editors at CNN Money recently invited me to join other business leaders in describing "aha moments" that have been instrumental to us as individuals and to our work as entrepreneurs. I was thrilled to be able to talk about something near and dear to my heart: How we at Angie's List are introducing career options to kids and helping service... Read More

20 Consumer Tips from 20 Years of Service

June 16, 2015     Consumer Empowerment
One of the ways we’re celebrating this year's 20th anniversary of Angie’s List is by reflecting on the wealth of consumer information we’ve shared since 1995. Culling the options is a challenge. After all, two decades of exposure to the expertise of top local service providers and the experiences of discerning consumers have provided my team and... Read More

Already Underway: A Home Services Revolution

May 26, 2015     Consumer Empowerment
I'm pleased that the editors of LinkedIn chose to publish the following essay on June 17, as part of their "State of My Industry" LinkedIn Influencers package. There’s a revolution happening, right where we all live. Just as technology has disrupted whole industries and sparked new businesses (think Uber, Netflix, Peapod), innovation is... Read More

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