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Angie Hicks is more than the name behind the nation’s most trusted source of local consumer service reviews. She’s a real person with a lot to say on many subjects, from what it takes to run an ever-growing business to why people should be savvier consumers of health care.

Angie's Commentary

Staying on Track with Top Service Pros

September 19, 2014     Business and Leadership
I had the best time last week. Why? Because I got to spend a few days with top-rated service pros from all over the country. These are the people whose businesses, according to our members, are among the best of the best. At our invitation, a few hundred of these home service stars came to Indianapolis for what we called the Festival of Service.... Read More

Angie's List Hammers Home Support for Habitat

September 05, 2014     Assorted Topics
Like other Angie’s List members, when I want to accomplish something significant that’s house-related, I usually pick up the laptop or phone. But today, I joined 200 other company employees in reaching for a hammer instead. The nails we drove were a small part of a big effort to get Mamadou Balde and his family into a new home before the snow... Read More

Class act: Angie's List employees make a difference for kids

August 29, 2014     Business and Leadership
You could write a book about the generosity of Angie’s List employees. At the very least, you could write a book report. The latest chapter in the ongoing story of our team stepping up to help others came when classes resumed recently at the public school nearest our Indianapolis east-side headquarters. Employees throughout our multi-building... Read More

Behind the scenes: My role as a consumer educator

August 29, 2014     Consumer Empowerment
One of the best things about my job is that I get to spend part of it informing consumers about hiring right and taking good care of their homes, health, cars, pets and more. I started doing this in the mid-1990s, when I was the first Angie’s List employee, printing scam warnings, tips and advice in a member newsletter. As I spent more time with... Read More

6 ways to mismanage your online reputation

August 05, 2014     Business
Consumer reviews are pretty much a fact of life in modern business, but some companies take the wrong approach to managing their online reputations, actually hurting themselves in the long run. Business journalists frequently ask me about this topic and I’m only too happy to share what we at Angie’s List have learned over 19 years. I got the... Read More

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