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Angie Hicks is more than the name behind the nation’s most trusted source of local consumer service reviews. She’s a real person with a lot to say on many subjects, from what it takes to run an ever-growing business to why people should be savvier consumers of health care.

Angie's Commentary

Happy to Call Indiana Home

December 17, 2014     Business and Leadership
Indiana is not flyover country, especially when you’re talking tech and business talent. I appreciated that anew at two recent celebrations of Hoosier innovation: Forbes’ Reinventing America summit and TechPoint Indiana’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp. For the TechPoint event, I was asked to join Mark Hill of Collina Ventures on a “veteran entrepreneur”... Read More

Show a Healthy Curiosity About Services

December 11, 2014     Consumer Empowerment
Part of being a smart consumer is asking questions to protect your interests. This is as true with health care as it is with any other kind of service. I encourage consumers to be at least as cautious and curious about health services as we are with home improvement projects. That means speaking up and asking those basic questions we sometimes... Read More

Remodeled App Makes Angie’s List Handier Than Ever

November 18, 2014     Consumer Empowerment
Angie’s List has always been about making it easy to connect to cream-of-the-crop contractors. That’s why I’m thrilled to show off our new-and-improved iOS app. The fresh, clean design makes it simple and fast to hire smart or shop for great local offers. (Our Android app will soon be updated, too.) But our apps are just the latest example of how... Read More

The Skilled Trade Shortage & The Rest of Us

October 24, 2014     Assorted Topics
Heaven knows I’m not handy. I hammered my first (non-picture-hanging) nail just a few months ago, helping other Angie’s List employees frame a Habitat for Humanity house. When I need something done at home, I call my tried-and-trusted Angie’s List providers. Thank goodness for the skilled people who work with their hands and use their heads to... Read More

Lead Paint Poisoning: A Problem We Can Prevent

October 03, 2014     Consumer Empowerment
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the world's many troubles. But here’s a problem that’s preventable: the ongoing poisoning of children by lead paint. It's time we all did our part to make sure that no child suffers nervous system, kidney, hearing or other damage due to lead paint. I’m lucky to have a position that allows me to spread the word about... Read More

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