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Angie Hicks is more than the name behind the nation’s most trusted source of local consumer service reviews. She’s a real person with a lot to say on many subjects, from what it takes to run an ever-growing business to why people should be savvier consumers of health care.

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Alleged storm scammers face Missouri justice

July 17, 2014     Consumer Empowerment
Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster recently took action against 16 home repair companies, many of which he says took advantage of homeowners who’d already been pummeled by Mother Nature. Storm-related scams may be an old and all-too-common story, but they never fail to make me angry. If you’ve had a storm blow through, leaving hail damage to... Read More

Service providers: Don't ask consumers to sign gag orders

July 02, 2014     Consumer Empowerment
I don’t like gag orders. I believe consumers should never be asked to surrender their right to free speech. I stepped up on my soapbox about this issue a few years ago, after we learned that a few physicians wanted patients to waive the right to post online reviews about their experiences with the doctor. Not long ago, after one of our researchers... Read More

Reaping rewards of healthy employee habits

June 19, 2014     Assorted Topics
I may have been the one holding the plaque and trophy honoring our company’s wellness initiatives, but it’s our employees who earned them. The annual Angie’s List Health Fair on June 19 featured the usual lively stream of employees checking out exhibits on everything from locally grown food delivery to marathons (both Muddy and Monumental).... Read More

Promoting a healthy workplace culture

May 16, 2014     Business and Leadership
Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that more than three dozen Angie’s List employees recently walked or ran their way through the mini-marathon that helps kick off May, the month in which Hoosiers find myriad ways to celebrate the Indianapolis 500. After all, for the second year in a row, Angie’s List was the only company in Indiana to be named one of... Read More

What have you got to lose?

May 01, 2014     Assorted Topics
My most recent commentary for LinkedIn Influencers took me back to that stressful time just before college graduation, and how my grandfather's sage advice helped put into perspective what I perceived as a major dilemma. Read the full story on LinkedIn or below: The Best Advice I’ve Gotten: ‘What Have You Got to Lose?’ Do you remember... Read More

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