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Angie Hicks is more than the name behind the nation’s most trusted source of local consumer service reviews. She’s a real person with a lot to say on many subjects, from what it takes to run an ever-growing business to why people should be savvier consumers of health care.

Angie's Commentary

Business Advice to Grow On

August 26, 2015     Business and Leadership
One of the privileges of having a high-profile business position, and having been around awhile, is being asked for advice to help less-experienced professionals and entrepreneurs. Recently, I joined four other business veterans in sharing with Indiana Minority Business Magazine what we’d do differently, if we could go back to earlier days. Here... Read More

Linking Busy Service Companies with Job Candidates

August 20, 2015     Business and Leadership
Imagine someone who wants to make a decent living in a hands-on way that doesn’t necessarily require a college degree. Now, imagine a service-company owner who needs help but lacks time and budget for a big hiring push. Wouldn’t it be great to get these two together? And if you gathered multiple job-seekers and companies, you’d have the makings of... Read More

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

August 20, 2015     Assorted Topics
Like many Hoosiers, I can hardly imagine summer without a trip to the Indiana State Fair to experience deep-fried delights, barnyard aromas and kids’ midway shrieks. And when I need a break from the sensory onslaught, I do what many of the fair’s almost 900,000 annual visitors do: Visit the Angie’s List Gardens. In the days leading up to the fair... Read More

5 Things to Do Before You Hire a Contractor

August 06, 2015     Consumer Empowerment
We’re still in home remodeling’s high season, and this year’s summertime project activity looks likely to exceed last year’s. It’s common that Angie’s List member requests for information on remodeling contractors dramatically increase over the summer months. But when we surveyed service providers late last year, asking how they thought 2015 would... Read More

Consumers Should Practice Reasonable Readiness

July 21, 2015     Consumer Empowerment
A colleague traveling overseas recently had her purse stolen. Gone were her passport, credit cards and 63 euros. She will admit to initial panic but mostly regretted precautions not taken, such as photocopying the passport or wearing a hidden travel wallet. Lucky for her, the situation quickly morphed from emergency to hassle after she cancelled... Read More

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